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Scalp care

Everyone knows that washing your hair is important to a healthy scalp. But how often and with what products? Knowing that our scalp creates a natural oil barrier throughout each day and playing into that known fact is how you can keep your scalp feeling less oily and your hair feeling more nourished.

One tip I always recommend to clients is to make sure you are brushing your hair at the end of your day. This will help drag down any oils from your scalp through your hair strand, spreading the oil from roots to end.

Another tip that is very important and usually the leading cause of an over oily scalp is stop washing every day. Our scalp produces oil to help protect and moisturize our skin. By shampooing everyday you are washing away those natural oils, tricking your body into thinking its not producing enough oils and therefore producing extra to overcompensate- hence an over oily scalp on a person who cleanses their hair too often.

Keeping a high-quality Aveda moisturizing shampoo at home is important to maintain color, keep hair hydrated, and provide a well-balanced, hydrated scalp. My go-to for a well-balanced scalp is the Aveda NutriPlenish. This line offers both a rich & light hydrating shampoo & conditioner to get you the right amount of moisture you need.

Lastly, I recommend you come into Belt Salon and have a stylist evaluate your hair and scalp condition to get a personalized product recommendation.

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