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Embrace Sustainable Beauty with Aveda Products

At Aveda, our mission transcends beyond delivering remarkable beauty solutions; it's about caring for the world we live in. From the products we carefully create to the ways we positively impact society, we're continually setting the standard for environmental leadership - a commitment that stretches far beyond the beauty industry.

Aveda Salons and Spas, including the Belt Salon, share a common mission - providing exceptional care to our clients while passionately caring for our Earth and all its inhabitants. Our Aveda professionals are equipped to address your every need, offering outstanding services. As a visitor, you'll be indulged in Aveda Rituals that will relax and transport you, such as:

  • A comforting cup of Aveda Tea,

  • Stimulating your senses with the pure fragrances of Aveda's flower and plant aromas,

  • Stress-relieving scalp and shoulder massages,

  • Luxurious neck, shoulder, and hand massages,

  • The finishing touch of Aveda makeup or hair styling.


Our salon professionals stay on the cutting edge of trends and techniques, ensuring your look is inspired by styles from fashion runways worldwide. Similarly, our spa professionals undergo regular training to stay informed about the latest in body and skin care, honing the art of healing, rejuvenating, and refreshing your mind, body, and spirit.

At Belt Salon, Aveda service providers understand the importance of active listening and thorough consultation, providing an experience that's everything you desired and more.

Our complete line of Aveda products allows you to recreate your salon/spa experience or desired look at home. Made with organic and natural pure flower and plant essences, Aveda products are non-toxic and proven to deliver powerful results. They nourish your skin, hair, and senses with nature's finest ingredients while respecting and preserving our environment.

All Aveda products are cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals, aligning with our ethos of ethical beauty practices.


At Aveda, we live by the belief that "beauty is as beauty does℠". This mission is embodied through our use of 100% post-consumer recycled material in our packaging, 100% wind-generated power in our manufacturing, and substantial donations to preserve and protect the environment worldwide.


Moreover, Aveda has generously contributed to organizations supporting causes like breast cancer research, disaster relief, animal rescue, and more.

Experience the fusion of beauty and sustainability with Aveda products today.

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