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Why You Shouldn't Bleach Or Balayage Your Hair At Home

Considering a hair transformation with techniques like bleach or Balayage? Feeling torn between a DIY attempt at home and having it professionally executed by a hair stylist?

At Belt Salon, an Aveda salon located in Palmetto, FL, we want to let you in on a little secret. Trust us when we say, the majority of at-home hair dyes often lead to disappointing outcomes. Especially when you're a novice trying your hand at a caramel balayage, there's a significant risk of damaging your hair and ending up with a color far from what you intended.

When you look back at your DIY disaster, you might be able to laugh at the experience. However, don't forget that the subsequent damage control can be both challenging and expensive. While Balayage is a popular trend in many cities, including Houston, you might want to let professionals handle your transition to caramel or blonde shades. After all, we at Belt Salon are here to assist you with any hair adventures or misadventures you might embark on. So why take the risk?

However, if you're still keen on trying Balayage at home, here's a quick guide. You'll need a comb applicator, plastic gloves, towel, lightening formula, hair clips, and after-treatment conditioning. While these steps may seem straightforward, remember, there are several opportunities for things to go wrong, which could lead to more costly and time-consuming fixes.

Considering DIY Balayage? Here's Why You Should Think Twice!

Still mulling over doing Balayage at home instead of visiting a reputable salon like Belt Salon? Here's why it's wiser to have a professional hairdresser take care of your Balayage:

  1. Risk of Hair Damage: Using the wrong brand or high-chemical dyes can result in damaged hair, causing breakage, split ends, or frizz. You may even risk a negative reaction.

  2. Wrong Color Choice: Whether you're aiming for caramel or blonde Balayage, remember that hair color shades can differ significantly based on their code. A slight variation could drastically alter the final result.

  3. Uneven Application: Doing it yourself, you might miss spots or overapply in certain areas, as it's challenging to see the back of your head. This can lead to an uneven tone, a problem you won't encounter with a professional stylist.

  4. Incorrect Technique: Hairdressers possess specific techniques to apply color or bleach. The methodology for Balayage, strands, ombre, or fire ends varies. A professional would also know the required number of applications for different colors and brands.

  5. Uneven Tone: If you've previously had Balayage done at a salon, a DIY bleach attempt can result in unevenly toned hair.

  6. Additional Costs: A failed DIY attempt may require another round of home dyeing, leading to additional costs. Low-quality products may also cause reactions, necessitating spending on treatments.

  7. Salon Costs: A botched job will require a professional's intervention, resulting in further costs and time spent at the salon to rectify the mistakes.

In conclusion, Balayage continues to be a highly sought-after look in 2023. To achieve stunning results, it's best to trust professional salons and stylists. At Belt Salon, we're eager to assist you on your hair journey. Book your appointment now or, if you're a new client, fill out our online New Client Form. We look forward to seeing you at our salon!

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