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Summer Hair Styles

The summer heat is here! So to avoid having hot, heavy hair, here are a few tricks to keep you cool and cute during the summer while enjoying all the activities Manatee County offers.

Parrish Hair Salon

#1- Bubble Braids… Bubble braids have been such a cute trend in festival looks and day-to-day, and they are so simple to do yourself. All you need are elastic bands, and you make small sections through your hair, create ponytails and then connect them all, leaving a bit of room to fluff them up.

#2- Beachy Beaded Braids… Such a cute look that’s so easy to do for a summer day on the water. You take a simple three-strand braid and throw a few beads in (using fishing wire to secure them throughout) your braid. You can add beach waves to the rest of your hair or keep it straight or natural.

#3- Hair Clip Bun- The claw clip is one of the trendiest looks this year. They are such a fun look from the ’90s that I am so happy to see them returning. You can get them in so many cute colors and styles; they are so easy to style. Just twist your hair up & clip it in!

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