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Hair Salon Blow Outs: How to Achieve Salon-Quality Hair at Home

Have you ever left Belt salon with perfectly styled and voluminous hair, only to struggle to recreate the same look at home? One of the secrets to achieving that salon-quality hair is a professional blowout. In this blog post, we'll share some tips on how to get the perfect blowout at home and help you achieve that bouncy, voluminous look.

What is a Blow Out? A blowout is a professional hair styling technique that uses a hair dryer and a round brush to create volume and a smooth, polished finish. The stylist will typically start by washing and conditioning your hair, then using a heat protectant product before blow drying it section by section with a round brush. The result is soft, shiny, and bouncy hair.

Tips for Achieving a Salon-Quality Blow Out at Home

  1. Use the Right Tools: You'll need the right tools to achieve a salon-quality blowout at home. You'll need a high-quality hair dryer with different heat and speed settings, a round brush, and some hair clips to section your hair. Look for a hair dryer with a concentrator nozzle to help direct the airflow and a cool shot button to help set the style.

  2. Protect Your Hair: Heat styling can damage your hair, so using a heat-protectant product before blow drying is essential. Look for a product that contains silicone or keratin, which can help protect your hair from heat damage and smooth the cuticle for a shiny finish.

  3. Section Your Hair: To achieve the best results, working in small sections is essential. Start by dividing your hair into four sections: the crown, left side, right side, and back. Clip each section up and out of the way, then start blow-drying the bottom section with a round brush.

  4. Use the Right Technique: When blow drying, use a rolling motion with the round brush to create tension and lift at the roots. Pull the brush through the hair as you blow dry, directing the airflow down the hair shaft. Use the cool shot button to set the style and give your hair extra shine.

  5. Finish with a Aveda Styling Product: To help your blowout last longer and add extra hold, finish with a styling product like hairspray or a volumizing mousse. Apply the product sparingly, focusing on the roots and mid-lengths of your hair.

In Conclusion Achieving a salon-quality blowout at home takes practice, patience, and the right tools and techniques. With the tips we've shared in this post, you can create beautiful, voluminous hair that will last for days. So why not try it and see the difference it can make in your hair styling routine?

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