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Hair Brushing Basics

When it comes to hair brushing we may think nothing of it as it is such a simple hygiene task. But proper brushing can lead to a stimulated scalp which can lead to more hair growth & a healthier scalp. Using an Aveda Pramasana exfoliating scalp brush can help pull natural oils from the roots of your scalp to and through the ends of your hair strand, which will cut down on an oily scalp and help hydrate the ends of your hair. This is super important as the ends of your hair are usually the driest part of the hair strand. Keeping the ends of your hair moisturized helps to cut down on breakage and split ends.

When you are blow-dry styling your hair, a round brush is an excellent tool to use to add an extra layer of shine. Using a round brush with tight tension is great for creating the smoothest strands of hair. On a regular basis, you should brush your hair daily, this may not be the case if you have wavy, curly, or tightly curled hair. However, all hair should always be brushed through when conditioning in the shower. This will be game-changing and help the product to saturate every single hair strand, by doing this that will ensure your hair stays well hydrated. Hopefully, some of these pointers can help you in your hair care routine!

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