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Four Benefits of Balayage

Balayage is a French highlighting technique that has been around a long time but has recently gained popularity in Lakewood Ranch and Parrish, FL. Using this technique, your hairstylist will paint highlights into your hair. Unlike traditional hair coloring, which uses foil to section off your hair. This allows the stylist to let their artistic talent shine. Your hair becomes their canvas, and the possibilities are endless. The result highlights that naturally blend into your hair and look soft and elegant.


  • Low Maintenance Balayage highlights typically need to be touched up every 8-12 weeks. Regular highlights typically need to be touched up in 6 weeks.

  • Versatile to Meet Your Needs

Because the highlights are painted on, your stylist has the ability to be creative and make the highlights accent your facial structure and natural color.

  • Healthier Looking Hair

Because the highlights are painted in, less bleach or dye is used. This causes less stress to your hair

  • Safe for Pregnant Women and Those with allergies

Balayage highlights do not sit directly on your scalp. This reduces the irritation to the skin and eliminates any concern of your skin absorbing any chemicals. Balayage Process

  • Consulation

One of the most important steps is for your stylist to evaluate your hair and discuss what you are trying to accomplish. The stylist can then develop a plan to reach your goals.

  • Sectioning and Hand-painting your Hair

This is where the magic happens. Your stylist's experience will allow them to know where to start, what angles to use, and how much product should be added.

  • Processing

Processing starts as soon as the product touches your hair. This is what gives the artist the ability to blend and make your hair look natural. To speed up the process, your stylist may have you sit under a heating device.

  • Rinsing

Once the desired treatment is reached, the stylist will rinse your hair. At Belt Salon, you will also receive a relaxing head massage to help reduce stress.

  • Treatment and Gloss

Lastly, your stylist may add some nourishing treatment or toner to finalize your look. The various treatments add natural nutrients and oil to your hair. The toner can help adjust the color, so you obtain the desired look. Adding a treatment product to your at-home hair care routine is also beneficial. I recommend Balayage to anyone that wants to add a WOW factor to their hair. Balayage can achieve various tones of light and dark to create multiple dimensions of color, leaving the hair with a blended, natural, sunkissed glow. Contact Belt Salon today to set up your appointment. Be Beautiful. Be inspired. Be you.

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