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Botanical Repair

Aveda's first overnight intensive serum strengthens hair while you sleep. Builds bonds, repairs all three layers of hair, and reduces the appearance of split ends by 84% overnight, powered by Nangai oil.

This is the #1 selling product in stores and online.

Benefits of this: -Apply to Dry (Aveda recommended, but stylists have been seeing good results with wet or dry)

-Overnight strengthening and repairing

-No heavy buildup - Creates an invisible shield that protects hair

- Protects hair against friction from pillow Overnight

- Nangai Oil specifically visibly reduces split ends by 84% overnight What stylists have been using this for outside of the "Aveda recommended uses":

- Prep product specifically for ends in need

-Pushing this for clients who only get haircuts a couple times a year and have visible split ends

- A detangler after teasylights, for swimmers, long fine/easily tangled hair

-Highlift blondes that are bordering on over-processed that the Botanical masque feels too heavy

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