Florida Sun Protection Aveda

As the sun sticks around longer in the day & temperatures begin to rise, there are a few tips I always follow to keep my skin glowing all summer long (without sweating)!

First things first, make sure you stock up on your SPF. I prefer Aveda's dual protection—UVA/UVB defense from non-chemical 100% mineral-derived sunscreen technology, plus plant-derived pollution defense. Dermatologist-tested. Non-acnegenic. For all skin types.

Adding a layer of SPF to your skin is extremely important- especially in Manatee County, Florida- where we have more exposure to the sun, and when unprotected can lead to skin cancers.

Secondly, as the temperatures spike, we all naturally sweat more. This causes oils to block our pores which can lead to a breakout. To ensure minimal to no breakouts occur, wash your face at night after a long day. This will help remove oils that can block your pores or transfer from your skin onto your pillow. Lastly, an easy go-to of mine is to invest in some oil-absorbing sheets. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and super effective! Not only can these little sheets absorb oil, but they can give your skin a total refresh in appearance. These are great tricks that can quickly change the look and feel of our skin!

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