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How to Fix Sun Damaged Hair

I love the Florida sun. Cruising on the boat around Anna Maria Island, jogging through Lakewood Ranch, or walking around the Ellenton Outlet Mall outside always makes me smile. I have learned that if not careful, the sun can do damage to not only my skin but to my hair. Too much exposure and UVA and UVB rays can cause harm. The damage can be caused by one long beach day or built-up exposure. Some signs of damage are split ends, discoloration, thinning, and frizziness. This can cause problems with styling, straitening, and curling.

The best way to protect your hair is with prevention. If possible, wear a hat or wear an umbrella. Physically blocking the sun from your hair and skin is a foolproof way to protect yourself. Try to plan your outing in the morning or evening. Avoid the midday sun if at all possible. The sun isn’t the only hair-damage culprit. Often overlooked is chlorinated pool water. Chlorine is a corrosive substance and can cause hair damage. My two tips for prevention are to keep your hair out of the water if possible. If you have kids, I know this will be a challenge. If your hair does get in the chlorine, rinse it with fresh water as soon as possible. The sun and chlorine can be more harmful to hair that has had treatments. Highlites, Low lights, balayage, and color can all be negatively impacted. Be beautiful. Be inspired. Be you.

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